Quick Guide to Escalate Performance of Your Linksys Network

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Having a Linksys device installed in the house is one of the most awesome experiences in this world. After all, it is about accessing a super-duper fast internet connection. But, the performance of the Linksys network doesn’t need to remain top-notch with time unless you don’t take the necessary steps about it. This is why we have penned down this post where we’ve mentioned the topmost hacks using which you can escalate the performance of your Linksys WiFi network. Relax if you have done the Linksys RE6300 setup and not the RE6400 setup! The reason is the tips shared in this post will apply to all Linksys devices. Read on.

Tips to Escalate Linksys Network Performance

1 Never Skip the Reboot

If we talk about the wonders of rebooting, technical experts say that it is a perfect solution for minor bugs and errors. Thus, if you want your Linksys WiFi network to stay away from all kinds of minor bugs, make rebooting a habit. In case you’re not aware of what rebooting is then let us tell you that it is a fancy term for restarting. In other words, it is all about powering the Linksys device down by pushing the Power button to the off position, waiting for a while, and powering up the Linksys device again.

2 Position the Device Properly

The more accurate the position, the higher the chances of your Linksys network performing better. Therefore, always keep your Linksys device at the optimal location. Be it your Linksys extender or router, it must be raised high (a few feet above ground level). Also, it should be placed in an area free of WiFi interference. By that we mean, your Linksys WiFi device is not supposed to be placed near televisions, microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, mirrors, aquariums, geysers, glasses, etc. Choosing a central location for the Linksys device will be a master stroke in escalating the network’s performance.

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3 Keep the Firmware Updated

Updating the firmware is another thing that you can do to make your Linksys network high-performing. The firmware is also the governing software of the extender that controls the overall behavior. So, you should never ignore the pending firmware update of the Linksys device. Also, it will be a win-win situation because doing so enhances the network security too. For your information, the firmware update for a Linksys router can be done via HTTP//my router. local whereas you need to access extender.linksys.com to upgrade your Linksys range extender.

4Use a Hardwired Connection

The reliability of a wired connection is much more than that of a wireless one. The reason is, it lets you connect your WiFi devices directly facilitating the proper signal transmission. Thus, if you have connected your Linksys device and the host AP using a wireless source, you’re free to substitute it with an Ethernet cable. But, there’s a catch in employing the cable. Firstly, it must not be worn out and facilitate high-speed signal transmission after being connected. Secondly, it should be connected tightly to the ports of your Linksys device and the host access point.

5 Improve the Network Security

You might be unaware but improving the security of the WiFi network also helps in escalating the Linksys network performance. It is because the more secure your network, the less the chances of its security getting breached thereby minimal WiFi leeches. However, it is not an easy task at all. The user needs to get into the web-based management utility of the Linksys device to improve security. For improving the network security:

  • It would help if you changed the WiFi password of your Linksys network. It is because keeping it strong will keep WiFi bandits miles away from your network.

  • Consider changing the admin password too. Changing it will make it difficult for hackers to get into the web-based setup wizard of the Linksys device using the default password value.

  • Hiding the SSID can be another milestone in improving the security and escalating the Linksys network performance. The reason this action disappears the name of your Linksys WiFi network from every list within its range. Thus, low chances of WiFi bandits.

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Sum Up

As we can see, a number of factors work together to escalate Linksys network performance, and it is expected that you will take care of them. However, if you are required to make changes via the device’s management utility, the http://extender.linksys.com web address is for the extender and router. local web address for the router will help you out. Thanks for reading!

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