5 Shortest Wrestlers In WWE History

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WWE caters to all styles of wrestling enthusiasts these days, as numerous contemporary superstars appear to be average Joes – guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn being only a few of them. Regardless, there’ll constantly be an area for massive male wrestlers in professional wrestling, due to the fact, after a certain factor, fans want to see their “favorite” goliaths take down the only one that nobody can beat. At the identical time, we can not forget about approximately smaller and smaller superstars, because the equal appeal to fans is the opposite – “smaller than life” wrestlers are underdogs in nearly all of their fights.

Shortest: Callisto – 5 Ft 6 Inches

Despite his range of pushes in WWE, Vince McMahon became unable to create any other Rey Mysterio with former United States and Cruiserweight Champion, Kalisto. When you take a look at a wrestler like Kalisto, it would not take long to apprehend why McMahon could have been drawn to the luchador and believed he could have made him a celeb, however, matters failed to pass following the plot. The biggest similarity between Rey and Kalisto could be the length, as “The Lucha Dragon” is five feet 6 inches – the equal height as Mysterio. Click here https://wejii.com/


While Kalisto hasn’t been a terrible in-ring performer, he has been unhappy on some events, as well as failed to endear himself with the WWE Universe. That being said, the largest thing with Kalisto is his lack of promo potential, as a number of you may understand, Kalisto added one of the worst promos of all time after the WWE Draft in 2016…

Shortest: Rey Mysterio – 5 Ft 6 Inches

When you suspect of the greatest underdog wrestlers in WWE records, Rey Mysterio’s name will come to mind first (or 2nd handiest to Eddie Guerrero). Rey Mysterio’s simple expertise, high-flying potential, and sturdy connection to the WWE Universe were enough to persuade McMahon to present Mysterio with a danger to prevail, and as soon as given the danger, Rey succeeded with flying colors.

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For years, Rey Mysterio turned into one of the WWE’s most famous superstars and even reigned because the World Heavyweight Champion (a laugh proper?) Rey Mysterio was the underdog who ruled a global of large male wrestlers all through The Ruthless Aggression Era, and with great trust, Ray took out many “Goliaths” on his manner to stardom. Rey Mysterio is currently set to go back to action the subsequent week in opposition to Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown and by way of all approaches, most fanatics are excited!

Shortest: Aj Lee – 5 Ft 2 Inches

We needed to consist of at least one woman wrestler and we went with the smallest institution! Former Diva’s Champion AJ Lee changed into absolutely leading the department earlier than WWE turned into flooded with extremely proficient female wrestlers like Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Despite the truth that AJ Lee wasn’t the epitome of a “WWE Diva” due to the fact she wasn’t blonde or very tall, she could not resist punching AJ after Vince showed off her abilities inside the ring.


For those who do not know, AJ Lee ranks as the various shortest WWE Superstars of all time at just 5 feet 2 inches, so AJ had to use some of her in-ring techniques to take on her large foes. It’s unlucky that AJ Lee did not stick around lengthy sufficient to be part of the Women’s Revolution in WWE, because you may make sure that Lee can be a featured participant for future years with many extra titles under her belt.

Shortest: Funaki – 5 Ft 7 Inches

Funaki truly wasn’t the maximum intimidating celebrity, however, the Japanese wrestler became largely underutilized at some stage in his WWE profession. One possible purpose at the back for Funaki’s lack of achievement is his brief stature (5 feet 7 inches), as he ranks most of the shortest wrestlers in organization records. However, Funaki nevertheless gained some championship gold in WWE not unlike other smaller male wrestlers like Super Crazy, as Funaki went on a Cruiserweight and Hardcore Championship run.


That being said, Funaki turned into sincerely incredible as a comic alleviation WWE Superstar, as the man changed into enormously interesting over time. Regardless, Vince especially used Funaki as augmentation skills for some of the organization’s monster heels, two memorable monsters being Brock Lesnar and The Great Khali, who destroyed Funaki in short order.

Shortest: Spike Dudley – 5 Toes 8 Inches

Throughout his professional wrestling career, Spike Dudley changed into an underdog if you ever saw one – a guy that enthusiasts by no means saw succeed in WWE, but controlled to have a few good fortunes and be in the proper vicinity. At the proper time. Throughout his WWE profession, the notably diminutive Spike Dudley received many championships, including the Cruiserweight Title, the European Title, and several Hardcore Championship reigns.


Spike Dudley become now not the maximum “intimidating” specimen from a size standpoint, as Spike is one of the shortest wrestlers in WWE records at just 5 ft eight inches. Despite his fulfillment in WWE, Vince McMahon couldn’t face up to the usage of Dudley as his monster-elevating talent now and then, and his spike from Brock Lesnar in The Beast’s debut turned into brutal.


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