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Amanda Saccomanno, better known in the ring as Mandy Rose, has carved a niche for herself in the world of professional wrestling with her captivating aura and impressive skills. Let’s delve into some intriguing details about her:

Basic Stats:

  • Age: 33 years old (Born July 23, 1990)
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
  • Weight: 130 pounds (59 kg)
  • Relationship Status: Currently not confirmed publicly. Reports suggested she was dating fellow wrestler Otis earlier, but their status remains unclear.

Mandy Rose

WrestleMania of the Heart:

  • Career highlights: NXT Women’s Champion (2021-2022), Tough Enough finalist (2015), Absolution tag team member (with Sonya Deville).
  • Known for: Her signature “Fall of Grace” finishing move, stunning looks, and captivating in-ring persona.
  • Fan Favorite: Rose commands a loyal fanbase who adore her charisma, athleticism, and undeniable dedication to the sport.

Beyond the Ring:

  • Fitness enthusiast: Passionate about fitness and maintains a healthy lifestyle, often inspiring fans with her workout routines.
  • Entrepreneur: Runs her activewear line, “DaMandy Rose Collection,” showcasing her fashion sense and business acumen.
  • Charitable endeavors: Actively involved in charitable causes, particularly those supporting children and animals.

Mandy Rose

Intriguing Tidbits:

  • Former dancer: Before embracing wrestling, Rose trained as a professional dancer and even performed at Radio City Music Hall.
  • Reality TV stint: Appeared on the 2015 season of WWE’s “Tough Enough,” where she showcased her grit and determination.
  • Love for animals: Has two dogs and frequently shares adorable pictures of them on social media.

Remember: Mandy Rose’s journey is far from over. With her talent, perseverance, and magnetic personality, she promises to continue enthralling audiences for years to come. As her story unfolds, stay tuned for even more captivating chapters!

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Mandy Rose

Net worth

Mandy Rose’s net worth is unreliable and tends to vary across different sources. Estimates can range from around $1 million to several million dollars, but it’s difficult to confirm the exact figure.

This is because wrestlers’ salaries are often not publicly disclosed, and their income can come from various sources beyond their base pay, such as:

  • Merchandise sales: Popular wrestlers like Mandy Rose often have their merchandise lines, generating additional income through t-shirts, posters, and other items.
  • Live event appearances: Wrestlers may receive additional compensation for appearing at live events outside of their regular programming.
  • Endorsements and sponsorships: Popular wrestlers can attract lucrative deals with brands, further adding to their income.
  • Social media revenue: With a large social media following, Mandy Rose likely receives income through sponsored posts, advertisements, and brand collaborations.

Given these factors, it’s challenging to pinpoint Mandy Rose’s exact net worth. However, it’s safe to say that she’s a successful and well-paid athlete within the WWE landscape.

Mandy Rose

About Family

While Mandy Rose isn’t very public about her personal life, here’s what we know about her family:


  • Her parents are Rich and Mary Saccomanno.
  • Rich runs a deli that Mandy has occasionally helped at, showcasing their close bond.


  • Unfortunately, her older brother Richard passed away in October 2022 after battling depression. She was very close to him and has openly shared her grief.
  • It’s unclear if she has any other siblings.

Relationship Status:

  • There have been reports of her past relationship with fellow wrestler Otis, but neither has confirmed or denied it publicly. Her current relationship status remains unknown.
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Family Values:

  • Despite keeping her personal life private, it’s evident that family is important to Mandy. She expresses gratitude for their support and shares occasional glimpses of her time with them on social media.

Remember: It’s important to respect Mandy Rose’s privacy and not pry into personal details she wishes to keep private. We can appreciate her talent and contributions as a wrestler while acknowledging her right to keep certain aspects of her life personal.

Mandy Rose

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