KBC Complaint Number | KBC Customer Care Number 2023

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This article is about to KBC Complaint Number. If you receive any fake messages then complain at this number. When you contact the main office of JIO, you will put in contact KBC Complaint Number. If you do call, you may be sure that one of them will answer your phone at that moment. If you want to get information about your lottery number. The KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Winner or the KBC 35 Lakh Lottery Winner, please call the KBC Head Office Number. You must get in touch with any KBC Lottery Winners on WhatsApp as soon as possible if you have their numbers. Thank you.
The KBC Complaint Number, contact this number to report any bogus emails you may have received. The listing of KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh updated regularly, and right now we are displaying the listing of Jio KBC lottery winners for the year 2023. This listing displayed regularly. Therefore, You also can customise your KBC lottery tickets, which are available in a wide range of different possibilities to choose from.

The amount of $2,500,000 won in the lottery:

Mr Mayank Chouthani was the fortunate winner of the lottery for 25 Lakhs that held in the city of Lucknow on May 7, 2020. The drawing took place on that day. The winning date was found to be the seventh of May in that very same year. Congratulations are to Mr Arbaaz Khan, who is the winner of the lottery in the City of Kolkata, which held for the amount of 25 Lakhs! So, The date of triumph is May 7th, 2019, which is in the year 2019.
However, The day of the drawing for the lottery reward of 25 lakhs that took place in the city of Chennai on July 7, 2023, was when Ms Pushpa Jatav chosen as the winner. Her winning date. A lottery with a prize of 25 lakhs will drawn on May 7th, 2023 in Pune, and the winner of the lottery, Parineeti Chopra, has announced. The drawing will take place in Pune. On May 7th, 2023, the city of Delhi held a lottery for a prize of 25 Lakhs, and the winner of the lottery was Malhar Manoj. The date of the drawing for the lottery was May 7th, 2023. Congratulations.

The Successful Participants of the KBC Jio Lottery for the Year 2023:

  • Mr Himanshu Singhania selected at random to receive the enormous sum of 25 lacks as the winner of the lottery held in the city of Ahmedabad. It planned that the drawing will take place on May 7th, 2023.
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  • Mr Kartik Krishna Raut was the fortunate recipient of the Town of Surat Lottery on May 7, 2023. The prize for the lottery valued at 25 Lakh. It decided that the best date would be the seventh of May in 2023.
  • Ms Sonam Kapoor chose at random to be the Lucky Lottery Winner for the City of Sri Nagar on May 7th, 2023. Also,She would earn the amount of 25 Lakh as the prize for winning the lottery.
  • Ms Mrunal Thakur selected as the winner of the city lottery in Mumbai, which was worth 25 lahks, and the drawing will take place either on July 7 or in 2023.
  • The lucky winner of the 25 Lakh City New Delhi Lottery is Mr Vijay Singh. The drawing for the lottery will take place on May 7th, 2023.


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