Tips to Help You Buy Vintage Swimsuits for Ladies

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When considering vintage bathing suits for sale, some people only think about the “ick” of buying second-hand swimwear. Even shoppers that appear to be very experienced often avoid buying these vintage swimsuits online mostly because of issues related to cleanliness or the lack thereof. Thankfully, there are now several fashion trends that encourage people that want to buy vintage swimsuits for ladies. This is why this blog will share a few tips to help you choose the best vintage bathing suits for sale. They include the following;

1. Carry out a research 

Just as it is when you want to buy any second-hand product, you ought to get adequate information depending on the condition and specifics of the item. Moreover, most vintage swimsuits online are non-refundable, so you need to get a full rundown to prevent risks and other unexpected outcomes. Do not be afraid to ask questions relating to any item that is unclear or seek as much insight as possible. If you want to buy these vintage swimsuits in person, always inspect them thoroughly to ensure you buy from a reliable source. 

2. Pay attention to the threads and elastic 

Before you buy vintage swimsuits for ladies, always check the condition of the item to ensure that it withstands wear and tear. This is because it is easier for quality elastics to survive several swims and wash, while cheap ones will only degrade and crack over time. It is, therefore, not worth the trouble to buy vintage bathing suits for sale if they lack stretch or if the threads are unraveling and fraying. 

3. Ask sellers for flat-lay measurements

With the drastic change in the industry over the years, vintage size charts can be a bit finicky sometimes. Therefore it is essential to buy a clothing item based on its measurements on a one-size-fits-all scale. For swimwear, buyers should ensure that they get flat-lay measurements, especially for bikinis that are not readily available, so they can compare them to their own swimwear items. 

4. Compare it with a swimsuit you own 

If you want to buy the perfect vintage swimsuits online you should find styles with measurements that are either identical or at least almost similar to the styles of swimsuits you already own. This will help you to compare both even when you are unable to witness these potential future purchases in person before you commit fully. If you fall in love with any swimsuit that has slightly off-sizing, always reach out to your tailor to help in bridging the gap.

5. Get rid of dead stock styles

Before you buy vintage swimsuits for ladies, always look out for deadstock pieces and vintage items that have never been worn. Although they are usually highly-priced, they are worth it, especially if you prefer to buy something that has never been worn. This will help to eliminate several concerns and uneasiness most shoppers have a lot buying vintage bathing suits. 

6. Always soak these swimsuits at home

Before you wear any new vintage swimwear or lingerie, it is important that you do a preliminary soak. Thankfully, you can now find several inexpensive and gentle clothing cleansers in the market that will not only put your mind at ease but also help you to prepare your new swimwear collections before you finally wear them. For best results, choose cleansers that offer your lingerie and bathing suit the refresh it needs. 


Before you buy vintage bathing suits for sale, always inspect them properly. This is to ensure that they are clean and that they are of good quality. It is also important that you wash and disinfect them before you wear them. This is to prevent the oil from a person’s skin caused by sweat from clinging to the body of another person. It is also designed for anyone that wants to invest in unique fashion items. 

Compared to an estate sale, the price of a thrift store is often higher; however, you can always get something clean with great quality even without doing the work. With the above-mentioned, you can fully commit to buying the best vintage swimsuits online. So what are you waiting for? Buy vintage swimsuits for ladies today. 

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