The Best 10 Advice to Choose the Best Rental Car for Your Trip to Detroit

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Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan. It is one of the popular locations among travelers and many people come for business purposes. Detroit is the 27th most populous city in the United States. The city is a major cultural center known for its contributions to art, architecture and music. Taking a car for rent in Detroit is not a problem at all. 

Car rental for beginners

For a person who has never booked a car for rent, this process might seem a bit unknown and complicated. However, there is no need to worry, as there is nothing complicated. This article has a number of pieces of advice for people who have never tried renting a car. One can check this website Exotic car rental Detroit to see the available car options in Detroit. 

Advice to keep in mind

  • Advice #1

Do not hurry when looking for a car rental Detroit. Make sure to check different websites to see all the variety of cars and, of course, to compare prices. There are helpful websites like Priceline and Kayak that show the compared prices.  


  • Advice #2

Download the available car rental applications. Once a person has downloaded such applications, like App, he/she might have a chance to get some extra bonuses as a first-time customer. 

  • Advice #3

Try not to book cars straight from the airport in Detroit. The reason for this is simple – Detroit car rentals take additional fees a customer will have to pay. If you want to save money, it is better to choose another location than an airport.  

  • Advice #4

Check the condition of the car, once you get it. This is a very important step not to get in trouble later. Try to inspect the vehicle, check the tires, look for scratches (take photos of them), note if there are any major or minor damages. If there are some issues, then you can tell them to a rental’s representative in Detroit. You can find more useful information here.



  • Advice #5

Do not pay for additional services that car rental companies provide. You can bring your own GPS or a car seat and not pay extra money. Some of such extra costs can be around $15 per day. 

  • Advice #6

Once you plan a trip to Detroit and have plans to rent a car, make sure that you have a credit card. There are certain credit cards that offer the basic rental insurance. It is better to check this information online, but it could save you some money. Even if you find cheap cars for rent, it is always good to save some extra money.  

  • Advice #7

It is always a good idea to check customer’s reviews. Of course, one should note that not all the reviews you read online are 100% true. And each person is different, what seems great for one person, may be a disappointment for the other one. Reading reviews is helpful, but do not put your pink glasses on. 

  • Advice #8 

When booking a car, pick only one driver. If you add additional drivers, you will most probably have to pay extra for that. If you do not plan to go on super long distances and one driver can stay behind the wheel, then you are good to go. 

  • Advice #9

When renting a car in Detroit, it is better that the driver is 25 years old or older. In some of the states, one has to pay the extra fee, that is sometimes called ‘young driver fee’. 

  • Advice #10

Make sure you book a car in advance. It is always more expensive to book a car right before the trip. Also, you are welcome to check out this page.  

Detroit is a great city to explore, and it is best when one can do so with a car. Lots of car rental services are available in Detroit. With these brief 10 pieces of advice, a traveler will be able to choose a good car for a trip, and save some money, at the same time. 

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