Sydney Sweeney Slams Fans Who Sent Her Family Nude ‘euphoria’ Photos

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Some Sydney Sweeney “Euphoria” fans have been sending explicit photos of her to her family, which the actress finds offensive.

Sweeney portrays popular student Cassie Howard, whose sexual past is revealed, in the critically acclaimed HBO series. Cassandra’s naked recordings become viral in season one.

Sweeney revealed to GQ that some of her followers had posted images of her naked escapades on Instagram.

She has discussed her feelings about her body when she was a young girl and felt embarrassed because her boobs had acquired breasts before her peers in interviews related to the nude scenes on Euphoria.

The Euphoria actress has been quite open about her physique, especially her breasts. In June, Sydney addressed the issue of her breasts being objectified. “There was a plot of what is happening in Cassie and the sexualization that is occurring in Cassie because of her naked images that were published,” Sydney remarked on Variety’s Actors on Actors.

“Although everyone has seen Euphoria, I see this phenomenon in my own life. A part of me wants to ask, “Did you not learn?”

Sydney has now elaborated on those remarks related to her boobs in a new feature with GQ, in which she discusses her efforts to debunk the assumptions made about her as a youngster because of her physical appearance.

“To the point where they started marking members of my family, it became an issue. We don’t have any need for it among my cousins. It’s awful and unjust, “the woman stated. You have a protagonist that is scrutinized for being a sexualized person at school, and then you have an audience that does the same.


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Sweeney clarified later in the interview that she hasn’t felt the need to retreat because of the criticism related to her boobs.

The 25-year-old actor remarked, “I think it’s crazy.” “To express myself as a creative person, I often assume the roles of others. It encourages me to take on roles that will annoy audiences even more.”

Sweeney has discussed the backlash she received for her stripteases before. Actress of “The White Lotus” said last year that she sought to distance herself from character photos after viewing “Euphoria” screenshots online.

Since the small little photographs on one of the character’s phones popped out everywhere following “Euphoria,” she stated, “I had to stop caring or thinking about [screengrabs]. “When I see those kinds of photographs or get tagged in those kinds of pictures – which I think is weird that people can have nudity on social media, that is me, and I don’t accept it, but that’s another topic – I simply distance myself from it. That’s Cassie, you say? This is a terrific day for Cassie.” Sweeney has said this year to the Cosmopolitan that she thinks there is a “double standard” regarding sex scenes on Instagram.

She said there are hour-long compilations of Oscar-winning male actors doing naked sequences, and they are applauded for it. “When a woman does it, however, they are stigmatized. They are not actresses. Taking off their shirts is all they have to do to be cast.”

Sydney was questioned in an interview whether the trolls’ obsession with her physique made her want to disappear. “No more. That’s just absurd. As a performer, I take on several identities. It encourages me to take on roles that annoy audiences even more.”

According to an interview with the Independent, Sweeney said that she thinks there is “a stigma against women who appear nude on TV,” citing the disparity between the reception she received for “The White Lotus” and “Euphoria.”

The “Euphoria” actress remarked, “With ‘The White Lotus,’ I felt like people were finally noticing the hard work I’ve been doing.” “This has been bothering me for quite some time. I’m quite pleased with the work I did on ‘Euphoria’. It was a fantastic show. People don’t bring it up since I stripped down to nothing, and nobody saw it.”

Then she said, “As soon as I perform “The White Lotus,” my detractors start taking notice. People really like me. They’re all wondering, “Oh my God, what is she doing now?” Was I the only one who immediately thought of the movie “Euphoria?” What, have you not read “The Handmaid’s Tale?”

Sydney told GQ that she had trouble accepting her boobs as a child since she had matured physically faster than her friends.

“I got boobs before other females, and I felt an outcast for it,” she remarked. “The locker room was a shame for me, and I avoided going there whenever possible. I assumed the strange reputation others had given me due to my physical appearance.”

Sydney, realizing that “her physique doesn’t define who [she] is,” chose to “take up every sport” and “study extremely hard” to prove this point.

When asked whether she still feels the same way, she said, “Oh sure, but now it’s on a whole-world scale.” This was in response to whether or not she still felt the need to do that now to defy people’s stereotyped ideas about her based on her breast size and figure.

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