Some Pros and Cons of Using Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes Wholesale

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Every product must need one thing and that is its packaging. E-commerce and online business are becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, in this modern and advanced age people are busy with their strict routines. They prefer to buy most of their products from online sources. Although, there are different boxes that can be used to ship your business items.

However, most individuals are familiar with e-commerce and online company websites. However, following the COVID-19 outbreak, many dread stepping outside and instead chooses to place orders online. Custom Mailer Boxes are designed specifically to deliver your products with grace, style, and perfection. Moreover, you can embellish these boxes as per your choice.

Customization as Per your Requirements

Packaging brands offer various customization options that can assist you in designing the best solution for the shipment and marketing of your products.

ü  Stock choice

Although, for the construction of shipping boxes you must need a packaging solution that is made with sturdy and robust stock. However, you can choose cardboard, Kraft, or rigid stock for that purpose. A solid box can safely carry your business and trading items to the destination. That’s why selecting a perfect stock is the most essential part of the box design process. Some customers also used rigid or corrugated stock, but there are fewer opportunities for customizations and box designs.

ü  Box Style

After the selection of the stock next phase is to decide the style of the box. Although, Mailer Packaging Boxes have their particular formation and style. But you can also add a perforation on these boxes that can later on transform your packaging into tabletop display boxes.

Furthermore, you can add tuck-in style boxes or choose a booklet shape style. Moreover, for a more luxurious look, you can add the magnetic closer option to these packaging boxes.

ü  Designing and Printing Options

However, if you choose Kraft or cardboard stock for your packaging boxes then there are a lot more for you to customize these boxes. For instance, you can choose various kinds of design patterns along with some alluring color scheming. Moreover, you can print the logo in symmetry on your boxes to make them a perfect solution for branding.

Some Pros of Using Mailer Boxes for Shipping

1.      These Boxes are Durable

As mentioned that these boxes can be designed with sturdy stock, however, the selection of premium-quality stock can ensure the customers that their product will be reached the destination in its original state.

Cardboard Boxes are durable and sturdy, and the double-walled packaging solution can maintain its formations as well as make them an ideal choice for the delivery and shipment of heavy items.

2.      Sustainable Solution

Customization allows you to choose the box material of your desire. However, in the case of mailer packaging, all possible stocks are degradable. Because they are recyclable, boxes tend to be more environmentally friendly.

3.      Customizable

You can easily craft these packaging solutions as per your choice. Because you can easily choose the style and size of your product boxes.

Some cons of these shipping Boxes

Every product has its disadvantages too. Here are some of them.

1.      Costly

As these boxes are made with thick stock that’s why they are a bit more expensive than common packaging boxes. Moreover, if you compare these shipping boxes with the shipping bags. Then you can analyze that these boxes charge almost 3 times more costly than mailer bags.

2.      They required Inserts

When you choose these boxes for packaging you must require inserts or padding. However, the inserts can be of various types. They can be Eva foam, PVC sheets, card sheets, silk cushions, etc. Moreover, you just need to secure your product for shipping by using various types of inserts inside these boxes.

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