Is Your AT&T Router Blinking Red? Know Reasons & Fixes!

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If you have an AT&T router and its red light is flashing, it means that the device is not getting internet access from the service provider or that the power supply is not working properly. There are probably some other factors at play here, some of which I will go into further detail about later on in this post.

The AT&T router has a variety of status lights, and the blinking red light can appear on any of them. The very first thing that you need to do is check to see which of the AT&T modem/router lights is flashing red. When you have the answer, you can choose the appropriate solution for the problem.

Why is my ATT router flashing red every few seconds?

I took the AT&T gateway and set up the internet connection so that I could begin to investigate the possible causes. Even I was able to see the broadband 1 and 2 lights on my unit blinking red during the initial attempt. I read through the community forum in order to become familiar with other problems.

The following is a list of the most common reasons why the red light on an ATT router is blinking:

There are problems establishing a connection to the internet using the router.
It has not been possible to provide the router with an adequate power supply.
There is a problem with the software.
There is currently a problem with the internet service provided by AT&T in your area.
It’s possible there’s a problem with the hardware.

How Do I Fix the Red Light on My AT&T WiFi Broadband Connection?

In this article, I will share nine troubleshooting methods that have been tried and tested for the AT&T broadband light blinking red. You are free to try each of these approaches in turn and see which ones yield the best results for you.

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All of these connectivity issues are frequently experienced as a result of the poor hardware performance of the gateway that is supplied by the ISP. To finally resolve this issue once and for all, I recommend purchasing your own router for use with an AT&T Fiber or U-verse connection.
1. Perform a Restart on the AT&T Router
Please reset the ATT router.

Rebooting the AT&T router is a good place to start when troubleshooting it. The vast majority of the time, errors can be quickly fixed by rebooting or restarting the device in question.

The following are the steps to restart an AT&T router:

Put the router into the off position and remove the cable from the back of the switchboard.
At a minimum, wait for thirty to forty seconds.
After re-connecting the cable to the router, turn the device back on.
Please be patient while the router reboots on its own in a few seconds.
If the light on the router is white when you look at it, it indicates that your problem has been resolved and that you are now connected to the internet.

2. Restart the power on your router.

Rebooting the router while making sure there is no residual power in it is an example of power cycling. It is an excellent method for repairing any problem that may be caused by either the hardware or the software. The problem with the blinking red light will no longer occur once this step has been completed because any bugs that your router may have will now be fixed.

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The following are the steps to power cycle an AT&T Router:

It is important to ensure that the router is disconnected from the power supply, so remove the plug that is attached to the switchboard.
Please wait between one and two minutes.
Reconnect the plug, and then switch on the wireless router.
Hold off until all of the lights on a router have been activated.

3. Determine whether the Xfinity Internet Service Provider is undergoing scheduled maintenance or experiencing an internet outage.

There are some instances in which the problem lies on the end of the local provider. It’s possible that the AT&T service in your area is currently undergoing maintenance, or that you’re experiencing an unexpected internet outage. And as a consequence, the connection between the router and the internet could be severed.

Checking for Internet Outages and Maintenance Contains These Steps:

Get in touch with the internet service provider serving your area and inquire about the maintenance.
Check for official updates on any disruptions to internet service.
Should this be the case, you will be required to hold off until they have resolved the issue on their end.

4. Double-check the Wall Jack and the Cables

A disconnected internet connection can also be the result of a cable that is not properly connected, as this prevents the router from receiving the necessary amount of power.

Make it a habit to check the cables on a regular basis.
If you discover any wires that are slack, you should tighten them.
In addition to that, replace any cables that are broken or faulty.

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5. Ensure the Device Is Not Overheating by Feeling It.

Because it gets too hot, the router will occasionally malfunction in an undesirable way. It could be due to the fact that the router is being used more frequently than its capacity allows for.

Following these steps will allow you to cool down an overheated router:

Turn off the router for a few minutes and let it cool down before turning it back on.
After it has had some time to cool down, you can turn it back on and look for any lights that are red.
In the event that you do not find one, the problem that you were having has been fixed.
However, if you continue to see the flashing light, the issue is most likely caused by a problem with the software.

6. Determine whether the Verizon Router is Overloaded.

Overloading the network could be another cause of the red light flashing on your AT&T router. This issue arises when you have utilized the router’s bandwidth more than its allotted capacity, as the name suggests.

Follow These Steps to Prevent Router and Modem Overloading:

Take off all of the devices that are connected to the router and disconnect them.
Place a cap on the number of active connections that can be made to the router at any given moment.
Try restarting the router once more, and check to see if any of the lights are white.

7. Keep the Software Up to Date
ATT’s Most Recent Software Release

If, after trying everything else, you are still seeing the red light, this indicates that the issue lies with the software; in this case, you will probably need to update it.


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