I like Advanced Micro Devices over Micron

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Nu Holdings Ltd: “I’ve got U.S. financials, which until last Friday were just coming in with a head of steam. And I still like them and I would be a buyer of them, not that.”

SGHC Limited: “It is shocking where it is. … It has come down so much.”

Micron Technology Inc: “I think the inventory glut lasts another six weeks and then the stock could be off to the races. … If that’s the case, there are others that would be even better, including Advanced Micro.”

Robinhood Markets Inc: “I’ve got brokerage stocks that are fantastic that are going down left and right. I can’t recommend that one.”

Disclaimer: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Advanced Micro Devices.

Cramer's lightning round: I like Advanced Micro Devices over Micron

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