Step by step Instructions on How to Draw A Bed Drawing Easily

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How to Draw A Bed. Few pieces of furniture are more welcome after a long day than a comfortable bed.

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Beds come in many different shapes and sizes, and there is a design to suit every need and taste!

No matter what they glance like, beds are a wonderful place to sleep and unwind, and knowing how to draw a bed can be a fantastic way to envision the perfect version.

With all the variety on offer, deciding what style you want for your bed design can be overwhelming, making learning how to design a bed difficult. Luckily, this tutorial will help you do just that to Draw A Bed!

How to Draw A Bed

Step 1

To begin this guide to drawing a bed, let’s start with the feet of the bed.

This will have two square columns on the ends, and you could use a ruler to ensure their edges are perfectly straight.

You can also add notches to make them look like they are made out of wood.

Next, we will add the wood section between these pillars. You can use a successive stripe for the base of this middle section and some curved lines for the top edges.

You can also add some small notches for that wood effect. Then you are ready for step 2 of the guide to Draw A Bed!

Step 2

For the next part of your bed design, we’ll add even more wood texture to the foot of the bed. To start, we will draw a shape in the flat middle part of the foot.

This shape has some straight sides and a base, and the top is curved. This gives it a similar shape to this section of the bed.

Once we’ve drawn this outline, we’ll create the effect of wooden planks nailed together.

Draw some straight horizontal lines fairly close together, then add some small vertical lines.

Finally, draw some points for the nails that will hold the boards together before continuing with step 3 of the instructions to Draw A Bed.

Step 3

The feet of the bed are drawn, so we can start drawing the centre part in this step of our how-to-draw-a-bed guide.

Use some curved stripes for the sides of the quilt that covers the bed; these lines also form the outline of the centre section.

These lines should be drawn freehand with some rippling, as they should look like they’re made of fabric.

Then draw more curved lines at the end to show how the blanket folds back on itself.

Finish this step by adding some wavy lines inside the blanket’s outline for more fold texture; then, we can continue to Draw A Bed.

Step 4

Now you can add some pillows and a base to your bed by drawing in this next stage. First, draw a linear stripe along the base where the ceiling ends, which will serve as the wooden base.

Next, pull another thin wooden pillar across the bed. This will look comparable to the ones you drew at the foot of the mattress.

Finally, complete by adding some fluffy pillows near the head of the bed. Then you’re ready for the final details and stuff in the next step of the guide to Draw A Bed.

Step 5

You’re almost ready to add some colours to your design, but first, we’ll finalize the final details and elements.

Draw A Bed

First, draw another wooden column on the left side of the headboard. Next, connect the pillars on either side with curved lines, adding more wood elements.

Once you’ve added those final details, you’re ready for the final step! Before proceeding, feel free to add some of your details to the image.

The idea is to outline the area of the bedroom surrounding this bed or place some stuffed animals or fancy pillows on it.

Step 6

You can top it off with some colour for that final part of your bedroom design! 

Bed Drawing

However, these are just some of the colours you could choose! In your drawing, you can use whatever colour or artistic medium you feel best suits the image.

Your Bed Drawing is Finished!

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