Finalize the Looks of Ice Cream with Custom Printed Sleeve Cones

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You will hardly find a person who doesn’t like to have ice cream. This yummy delight is popular among all age groups. However, Ice-cream dealers offer their ice creams in different flavors; some present them in cones and some offer these in waffle cones.

Custom Sleeve Cones are designed particularly to complete the looks of your ice cream cone. Moreover, it adds a tempting effect to your product too. Besides this, it is hygienically safe to present ice-creams along with a sleeve cone, to your customers. Although, some ice cream parlors wrapped tissues on the waffles for a graceful presentation.

However, these sleeves can be designed according to the customer’s choice. You can produce them with some alluring font styles along with some captivating color combinations. Furthermore, these versatile frozen treat sleeves are accessible in different plans: utilized in the frozen dessert industry as exemplary bundling made of paper.

Sleeve Cones Allow a Convenient Takeaway of Ice Cream

These alluring and enticing sleeves are designed with eye-appealing color combinations along with the brand name. Exactly when we discuss participating in the frozen yogurt, the cone sleeve wherein it is bundled conveys a lot of importance.

However, these Sleeve Cones can make you comfortable handling a melting cone easily. Although, it depends on the customer’s choice that which material they preferred for production.

Moreover, the durability level of these sleeves improves the level of protection of your cones. A sleeve made with thick and solid stock can maintain its shape easily till your ice cream lasts.

Do Some Special Printing on these Sleeves

Customization allows you to do bespoke printings on these sleeves. A printed cone sleeve can help your ice cream looks more fascinating and eye-appealing for the customers.

You can print the following elements on the cones.

  • Name of brands
  • Its logo

Moreover, you can choose the color of these sleeves with respect to the flavor of the ice-creams. The respective color scheming develops a better understanding of the flavors. For instance, yellow for mango flavor ice cream, red for strawberry flavor, green for pistachio, etc. Besides this, the logo on the sleeves helps in promoting the brand as well as helps the customers in getting the ice cream of their favorite brand.

Designed some amazing looks with some laminations

Packaging brands help you in crafting these cone sleeves with some add-on factors. Like you can choose any lamination or coating option to prolong the life span of your printed sleeve. The selection of matt lamination adds more grace to your covers, whereas the addition of gloss coatings adds a shine and glaze effect to your cones.

These huge numbers of features add to the grandness and worth of ice creams and augment their selling rate. Furthermore, you can also choose spot UV coating to highlight your logos on the sleeves. Besides this, you can use silver or gold foiling techniques to make your logos visible gracefully.

However, Custom Printed Sleeve Cones with some fascinating add-ons can increase the demand for your product glimmering or matte finishing in like manner given on the paper to give an optimal look.

Design your Cones with Fascinating Design Patterns

However, you can choose amazing design patterns for the printing on the cone sleeves. For instance, you can choose a heart-shaped pattern or polka dots to print on your cones. Although there are many brands that preferred to design their sleeves to the brand’s theme specifically. Furthermore, you can choose the thickness level of your sleeves as per your choice.

14pt, 16pt, 18pt, and 24pt are available thicknesses for your cardboard sleeves. Besides this, you can choose any specific shape of the sleeve. Like it can be a rectangle, circle, or any star shape.

Besides this, the shape of wafers also matters. You can design your sleeve with respect to the dimensions of your ice cream. A presentable and impressive-looking Cone Sleeve with surely impact your brand value as well as enhance your product’s presentation.

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