5 Reasons To Earn Azure Data Factory Professional Certification

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If there is one thing that has increased with digitization, then it is data. Data is omnipresent and is crucial to make important decisions. However, raw and unstructured data have no value. Apart from the same, data needs to be stored securely. Due to the same, cloud services have become prevalent to ensure the storage and security of large data. 

The serverless fully controlled Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a platform for collecting, processing, and converting all your data in the cloud. It allows you to create data-driven workflows for data movement and transformation. It is frequently used in data engineering, operational data aggregation, and insights. 

Therefore, Azure Data Factory certification is a necessary Microsoft certification course. In this post, you will learn the reasons to earn this certification. 

Why You Should Obtain the Azure Data Factory Professional Certification

  • Data Sources Can Connect To Enterprises Easily

Organizations may have data from various sources. ADF links to all information origins, regardless of whether they are multi-cloud, on-premises, or offered by software solutions vendors, with no additional license fee. You could copy data across several data storage by using the Copy Activity. It is simple to connect with several origins of corporate details, convert them in bulk, and write the transformed data in the data storage of choice using the ADF. It also helps you to shorten the time of understanding.

  • Access To On-Premise Data

Data sets based on beliefs will be present in many businesses. Companies may connect to various information origins with ADF, with a connection managed by itself. The runtime of this connection allows enterprises to move knowledge between cloud data providers without the need for any inbound network ports to be opened. There are plenty of things that can be easily managed using the ADF. 

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  • Data Flow Is Free From Code

Azure Data Factory certification allows any programmer to expedite the creation of data modifications. Any developer may modify the raw details using ADF Studio without composing any code. For creating a data stream in ADF, they can identify the data providers from which you need to obtain data and then perform a wide range of transformations to the data before publishing it on the data store. 

  • Secure Data Integration

By linking to confidential endpoints with various Azure data storage, ADF enables safe data connectivity. In addition, ADF controls the digital link below the hood to relieve you of the effort of operating your virtual environment. This ensures it is easy to build up a repository of facts and that all the data integration takes place safely in a virtualized environment. This part is important for Azure Data Factory interview questions & answers

  • Brings Governance With Integration

When data governance is combined, businesses get enormous knowledge of lineage, policy enforcement, and other areas. As a result, ADF has a great potential to deliver significant ETL lineage insights, a comprehensive way of how the information gets shared around the enterprise from multiple data stores. A professional, for instance, may wish to analyze a problem in which someone has filled in an inaccurate fact due to upstream difficulties. The professional could readily determine the problem by integrating ADF.  

  • Continuous Interoperability And Delivery

Note that many Azure Data Factory questions & answers are related to governance and integrity. Every developer may utilize Azure Data Factory as a continuous interoperability and delivery component. A developer may use this strategy with ADF to shift Data Factory assets (pipelines, data flows, associated services, and more) from one context (creation, experimental, operation) to another. ADF has direct interaction with GitHub and Azure DevOps out of the box.


Many people are pursuing the professional certification of Azure Data Factory. If the world of data interests you and you wish to be a part of the same, then you can begin with the same. Azure Data Factory certification allows professionals to perform more advanced transformations, such as executing PySpark code in Databricks, launching a customized virtual machine, and creating webhook callouts. After the data has been moved and transformed, it may be given to various destinations, including a SQL database, a simple file system, and outbound FTP.

There are a lot of institutes that are providing this course beyond Microsoft itself at affordable prices. Look for online training courses and practice as many test papers as you can to ace the certification in one go!

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